Best Buddies

Familie, Freunde und Assistenten

My Mother Bärbel

My mother’s name is Bärbel. She is a qualified librarian and knows a lot about knowledge management. I enjoy spending time with my mother in the garden, eating her homemade dishes, and playing board games in a team with her.

My Father Wolfgang

My father’s name is Wolfgang. He is a vocational school teacher and associate director. He does my assistant’s accounting.

Mein Brother Niklas

My brother’s name is Niklas. He was born in 1990, so he is 5 years younger than me. He is a professional firefighter and lives with his wife Bine near Bonn.

My Boyfriend Tim

Tim and I have been together since November 2006. Tim is a specialist in preventive fire protection and lives in my old homeland of the Rhineland-Palatinate. We carry a long-distance relationship.

My Main Assistant David

My main assistant David has worked in my team of assistance since February 2007. He is a social pedagogue and systemic counselor. Due to working for me for such a long time, he is a genius in interpreting me. He also enables me to fulfill my role as a boss and assists me when I encounter technical challenges.

My Friend and Assistant Hanna

Hanna started working for me in 2008, so she was my first assistant after I moved to Cologne. Although she has started another job in the meantime and has become more of a friend to me, she still fills in when there is a lack of assistance.

My Friend Frank

Frank is one of my best friends, so it’s very practical that he is also my rehabilitation technician. Even at night sitting in the pub, he is willing to use his screwdriver if there’s a loose bolt.

My oldest friend from school, Jonny

I know Jonny from our days in high school. I was quite excited when he also moved to Cologne. Since then, we swarm the city together: from profound talks at the Aachener Weiher (pond) to short but funny cocktail-times at the Zülpicher Straße (street) – everything is possible with Jonny!

My Friend Marla

Marla presented my book at her primary school and invited me to her class. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Today I call Marla my spirit sister.

My Friend Chris

Chris is a communication pedagogue, Marla’s close friend and works for a company that sells communication devices. I have paraglided with Chris in Austria and Italy near the sea.