Spelling System

Communication with my Inner Circle

With people who know me well, I use an overhead spelling system and eye movements.
I use this system mainly to talk with my inner circle.

Here‘s how it works

To choose a letter, I perform two movements with my head. I have six directions to choose from:

  • up left, up middle, up right
  • bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right

My first glance goes to the field in which the desired letter is.

With my second glance I choose the letter within the field.

Standing in front of me you have to imagine the letter-order mirrored.

Every letter must be said out loud so that I can determine whether I was understood correctly. At the very beginning, it is helpful to write down the letters which you have already understood. As soon as you know the word that I want to spell, you say it out loud. This significantly increases the speed of communication.

You become even faster, if you memorize the letter box.

Special Case: Numbers

Numbers are spelled over the same system.

To indicate that I want to say a number, I produce circular movements with my head a few times. After that, I do two head movements again.