Expressions and Gestures

Endogenous Communication

My facial expressions enable others to easily understand me. When I’m happy, I laugh.

Yes – No-Method

The simplest method of communicating with me is by asking questions which I can answer with either a yes or no.






Even without having eye-contact, I can answer Yes-No-questions as follows:



Sound “a”
(For “Ja” means “Yes” in German)


Sound “ei”
(For “Nein” means “No” in German)

Open Questions

It is very obvious, that you can’t answer Or-questions with a yes or no.

1st Possibility

Just ask in a normal way. Then repeat every response option slowly. I  will nod when it ist he right one.


“Do you want some juice?”

or water?“

2nd Possibility

During the question process, you can lift your left hand for option number one and your right hand for option number two. I will look at the hand that represents the option which  I want to choose.

The Selection Method

The selection method is always used when there are more than two options (toppings, dresses, etc.)

Depending on the number of possibilities, you organize them by gradually refining them.

Step 1

Depending on the number of possibilities, you organize them by gradually refining them. For example: from which stack do I want a specific garment? You explore the stack with your finger and wait for my nodding.

Step 2

Go through all the options one by one and wait for my nodding. You can do this by pointing at every option one after another or by enumerating every one slowly.

Spoken Language

Sometimes I’m able to say specific words via spoken language. If you know that a specific sounds means something, you can understand me.

The most important statements are:

No matter
Me too
You too

Pointing Glance

I communicate by pointing at things with my eyes. My glance always means something. I use my glance to

draw attention to something.

say that I want something.

describe a direction.

show where I want to have things placed.


I also use specific signs. Here’s an overview:

Tongue flick


I’m thirsty
Tapping my chest


Head upwards


Big, up, more
Head downwards


Small, down, less