Eye Control

Independent Communication

Tobii Dynavox speech generating device with eye control

I call my speech generating device Tobii.
Its official name is I13 and it is comparable to a tablet.

The unique feature of the I13 is its eye control. In the lower section of the device there are two infrared cameras installed which follow the movement of my pupils. When I look at a specific point on the screen, a field is released. Besides this, the I13 is an ordinary computer which runs via Windows 10.

Communication Software: Communicator 5

The software I use to speak and work is called Communicator 5.

It is part of all the user interfaces developed by Tobii Dynavox, which gives me access to many of the I13’s functions. To make communication easier, the communicator supports a slightly enlarged on-screen keyboard. When I start writing a word, it automatically presents word suggestions. This increases my writing speed. A synthetic voice output makes me communicate my statements. Furthermore, it provides me with the possibility of accessing the Internet through an ordinary browser, writing emails, and using Whatsapp and social media. Owing to this, I can use a broad spectrum of communication.